At its simplest, an Apprenticeship is a work-based learning programme. It’s brilliant for people who don’t want classroom-based learning, who want to work in a team and practice their new skills, rather than just learning the theory. And, at the same time, earn a salary whilst getting the qualification.

An apprentice trains ‘on the job’ and gains recognised qualifications, essential skills and a salary. Apprentices don’t pay for the training and Brighter Horizons are happy to speak to employers about how the funding works.

We can help you find an apprenticeship position or, if you’re already working in childcare, we can help you and your employer sign up to our apprentice programme so that you can get your qualification. 

Find out more about how apprenticeships work by visiting the Education and Skills Funding Agency website.

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Why join our programme?*

We pride ourselves in having a strong relationship with all of our apprentices, as well as the people who employ them. We have a tailored approach, which recognises that a single teaching style doesn’t suit everyone. Whether you need extra support and want extra online meetings, using our Zoom app for example, or if you are flying and need more challenges, we can help.

Our level 2 apprenticeship programme is so successful that a high number of our apprentices enrol straight onto level 3 programmes, once they’ve achieved the first qualification. We also have a high percentage of apprentices who move straight into Qualified Practitioner roles, demonstrating that their learning can really be put straight into practice.

We are delighted to be now seeing former student apprentices attend our leadership and management courses as their careers progress!

Link to the Council for Awards in Children's Care and Education website

We offer 2 apprenticeship courses accredited by CACHE (Council for Awards in Children’s Care and Education). These are:

Level 2 Diploma for Early Years Practitioner
Level 3 Diploma in Childcare: Early Years Educator

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